Applying V Seal to Your Window for Air Sealing

Pick a window in your house. When you place your hand to it do you feel a draft coming in? If you do, you are facing an insulation problem. Windows that are not properly insulated bring drafts in, and take money out of your wallet. Creating a tight seal around the windows allows you to save energy, maintain a comfortable temperature in the home, and reduce the amount of money spent on utility bills. V-seal weather stripping is among one of the most cost-effective tools that can be used to solve a window insulation problem.

V Seal

You may be wondering, “What is a V Seal?” V-seal weather stripping is a roll made of polypropylene used specifically to insulate windows and doors. The roll is as long as 180 feet. On one half of the seal is an adhesive backing for application. Choosing to insulate windows with this weatherstripping tool will costs as little as $23.00. It seals the window from those annoying drafts, helping to reduce the amount of energy loss (and costs) from the windows in a home.

Choosing to insulate windows with a V-seal weather stripping is simple. Before installation, measure the window and clean the application surface. Once this has been done, use scissors to cut the V Seal to the appropriate length. Next, fold the piece that you have cut into the shape of a V. Remove the adhesive, and use your fingertips to place the seal on the cleaned surface. That’s all it takes.


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