Electrical Outlet Insulation for Quick Energy Savings

Electrical Outlet Insulation
Electrical Outlet Insulation

During winter, can you feel cold air coming in through electrical outlets located on exterior walls? More often than not, outlets and wall switches are left out when insulating a home. This contributes to both heat and energy loss. One of the fastest and most cost-efficient ways to reduce unwanted air flow through these areas is to seal the space between wall outlets and the outside of the home using electrical outlet insulation.

Anywhere from 2-5% of all residential heat loss comes from electrical outlets and wall switches. Behind the wall socket is an electrical box which penetrates into the wall cavity causing air to leak into, and out of, the home. Electrical outlet insulation is installed by simply fitting the foam padding behind outlet and switch covers. The padding blocks drafts coming from outside without interfering with electricity flow. Foam electrical outlet insulation is affordable, costing just about 0.10 per unit.

Switches and outlets are overlooked because they are not the largest source of air leaks. However, when insulating the home it is important to cover every area possible. The better insulated a home, the less energy and heat loss experienced, and the less money that will be spent on heating and cooling bills.

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