Weatherproofing for Apartments / Condos

Winter is approaching and with the high prices of natural gas and heating oil, get prepared to shell out a lot of bucks for heating bills. You can however minimize your heating costs by properly weatherproofing your home. One of the easiest ways for cold air to enter your dwelling is through doors and windows. So make sure you properly insulate them via door sweeps and window insulation.

But what do you do when you rent and apartment or condo? You can’t exactly install a door sweep or change out the windows. There is a solution for both. For door sweeps there are now draft dodgers that can be butted up against the door, and they provide adequate protection from drafts.

For windows, you can install a plastic film around the windows to provide a barrier against drafts. The plastic film in essence seals the window. These plastic film come in various sizes for different window sizes, are easy to install and very inexpensive. Come spring time, you can quickly remove the plastic film.

So if you live in a home where you can’t install and make any modifications, installing a draft dodger and plastic film for windows is your answer to weatherproofing for the winter season.

2 thoughts on “Weatherproofing for Apartments / Condos

  1. Abby says:

    I have a 4 inch gap on the bathroom door of my RV will this work or do you have any suggestions. The door will open onto a hardwood floor.

  2. Conservation Mart says:

    Hi. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything that can seal a 4″ gap. Most of the door sweeps we have are able to seal only up to 1/2″ gaps.

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