So why should you buy a Smart Power Strip?

What are the advantages for you, your home or your business?

The answer is easy. There are several outlets on the Smart Power Strip. These work together and will automatically switch your electronic devices on and off as needed. Think of the money and power you will save with this ingenious little device. For instance, on the BITS Smart Strip Power Strip LCG4 are three outlets with a constant power supply, one of which is transformer shaped. Use these for the things that should never be switched off – a fax machine, a wireless router and so on. Of the remaining 7, one is for your main supply and the rest are controlled, three of which are transformer shaped. These controlled devices switch off whenever there is a 10% or more drop in current to the main outlet and turn on again once there is an increase of 7 watts or greater. It seems a little complicated, but in practice it is simple. Just plug your computer into the main outlet and all the other bits and pieces that go with it can then be connected to one of the six outlets. – it means that when you switch off your computer all its peripheral devices will close down too, and , surprise , surprise , when you switch on so do they.
The Smart Strip Power Strip is lit and is wall mountable to keep trailing wires off the floor. There are two RC filters which help stop switching when you don’t want it. The cord is heavy duty and 6 foot long which should be plenty for every purpose. When fully energized it uses only 1 watt of power and when the switched outlets are off no power at all is used. How green is that? There are surge suppression facilities and quality related electrical power specifications as set out below.

• UL 1449 Rating 120 Volt 50/60 Hz
• Surge Protection: 2875 joules, 84000 amps, 330 volts
• EMI/RFI Filtering 2 Spike Blocking Bar coil chokes, up to 60 db line noise reduction

Just go and get your last electricity bill out of the file. How high was it? A good proportion of that went in power to items you just weren’t using. Go round your office or home when there is no one else about. Look for all those little green lights. Most of them don’t need to be on and each and every one of them is costing power and money – power you could save and money you could be using elsewhere. Get a BITS Smart Strip Power Strip LCG4. In only a very short time it will pay for itself and after that you are rolling.

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