Water Saving Kit: Instant Way to Save Water and Dollars

When we turn on the news often we are greeted with images of the immense damage that has been done to our planet. Among the many crises we now face, lack of water conservation is one that has been garnering more and more attention. Here in the United States the amount of water used in the bathroom is more than the amount of water a person in an underdeveloped country has at their disposal for an entire day. Installing the components of a water saving kit in your home will allow you to save water and money at the same time.

Water Saver Kit
Water Saving Kit

A water saving kit includes items to help you start saving water in the kitchen and bathroom. The eco showerhead uses 1.75gpm (gallons per minute), is a great improvement to the standard 2.5gpm showerhead most homes have. The shower timer included can be secured to the bathroom wall, allowing you to watch, and limit, the amount of time spent in the shower. These changes in the shower alone can save a family of four as much as 11,000 gallons of water per year.

Ideal for saving water in homes with older toilets is the toilet tank bank.  Fill this displacement bag with water, shut the valve to avoid eventual evaporation, and hang the bag inside the tank of the toilet with the hook that comes on the bag to reduce the water in your tank by approximately 0.8 gallons. The water saving kit also comes with a dual flush converter, which is compatible with most toilets that have at least a 1.6 gallon tank. The dual flush converter provides you with liquid/solid options, and flushes accordingly.

The average kitchen or bathroom faucet aerator uses 2.2 gallons of water per minute. This is almost the amount of water used by the average showerhead. By replacing the faucet aerator with the 1.0gpm aerators you can save approximately 54% more water. This 54% decrease in water usage at the faucet will of course save you money on the water bill. Water saving kits are a great investment, as the items will pay for themselves within a matter of months, but continue to save you water (and money) throughout the entire year.

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