Chimney Balloon… An Ideal Way to Stop Drafts from Your Chimney

When weatherizing the home, homeowners often consider sealing outlets, wall switches, windows, and doors. However, an area that is often left out of consideration when weatherizing is the chimney. Many homes have a chimney damper that is made of metal. Over time these can warp and break, allowing heat to get away, and drafts and odors to enter. Installing a chimney balloon is an efficient way to stop heat from entering through the chimney during the summer, and heat from escaping the home during the winter. This simple measure allows you to save energy as well as money on heating and cooling bills.

Chimney Balloon
Chimney Balloon

A chimney balloon, also referred to as a chimney pillow, stops debris as well as prevents airflow and odors from coming in through the chimney. It is made from 3-ply poly membrane, and is flexible enough to close up open crevices in the flue while being able to resist the harsh setting it is in. A  Chimney pillow is created to react to heat, so that it will not interfere if you decide to use the fireplace. In fact, they will safely deflate in a matter of seconds, providing the opportunity for gases and smoke to leave the chimney.

Chimney balloons come in different sizes, so it is important that you measure the depth and length of the area for installation. It is best to choose a chimney damper that is at most 6” larger than each of the measurements you took. This chimney plug is installed by being held into place while inflated. Opening the tap on the chimney balloon will allow you to deflate it. This should be done before starting the next fire in the fireplace. The chimney pillow is flexible, able to sustain the chimney environment, and reusable, making it a very handy weatherization tool.

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