The Benefits of Using an Earth Showerhead

Earth Showerhead
Earth Showerhead

This time of the year brings the water enthusiast out in all of us. Sticky summer days call for long, refreshing showers without homeowners being aware of how much water and money is being wasted by their showerhead alone. Beat the summer heat and water waste by installing an earth showerhead; this is one of the most cost-saving and earth-friendly changes to make in your home

Water Waste vs. Savings

Pay attention to the gallons of water your showerhead dispenses per minute; this little number can translate to increased costs in utilities.

2.5 GMP vs. 1.5 GPM

Modern showerheads release 2.5 gallons of water per minute, or GPM. By comparison, an energy efficient showerheads use only 1.5 gallons, saving you an entire gallon of water per minute.

Use less energy, save more money

Simply put, with earth showerheads you use less water and less heat. So by making the switch to an energy efficient showerhead, you can gain up to 30% in water savings while decreasing the cost of utilities.

The Technology

Against a modern showerhead, its earth equivalent boosts technology that is just at impressive. Features include:

Flow Control Technology

Regardless of the low force in your water system, Flow Control Technology gives you a consistent flow of even water pressure.

Super Massages

There’s no need to sacrifice comfort for energy efficiency. The adjustable 9-jet turbo massages in an earth showerhead give you soft soothing sprays to an intense, therapeutic massage.

Non-aerating consistency

It sucks the air out of your water stream, not literally, but you get air-free water as you shower. This means your showerhead delivers hotter water sooner and longer than modern models.


Whether hosing down after a sticky summer day or relaxing during the cold winter months, making the change to more energy and water efficient, cost-effective showerhead will bring you comfort in your home and your wallet.

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