Choosing Circular Fluorescent Light Bulbs

circularIt can be difficult replacing a circline CFL. Circular fluorescent light bulbs differ in many ways and sometimes come with manufacture-only specifics. So which one is right for your light fixture, and how can you tell the difference?


Before purchasing¬†circular bulbs, you need to know the diameter of the bulb needed. You can do that by measuring an existing bulb for the fixture, or looking up the manufacturer model number and finding the compatible bulb. Bulbs range from 5″-12″ in diameter.

Wattage and lumens

Wattage is how much power the bulb consumes and lumens is how much light the bulb emits. The lower the wattage and lumen ratings, the less light the bulb will provide. Higher wattage and lumen ratings give off more light.

Manufacture-only specifics

Some light fixtures only allow bulbs from the same manufacturer to be used in it. If a bulb from a different manufacturer is plugged into the light fixture, the bulb will not work.

Color temperature

The brightness of circular fluorescent light bulbs depends on the color temperature. The numbers range from 2700K to 5000K; the higher the number the brighter the bulb. Specifics are:

  • 2700K: This is a warm white color, the type you would expect to see in living rooms and bedroom.
  • 3000-3500K: This bulb is suited for bathrooms, giving off a soft white color.
  • 4100K: For a cool white color, almost florescent white, use a bulb with this temperature.
  • 5000K: You’ll get the brightest color, daylight white – like the color of the sun at noon, from a 5000K temperature circline CFL . This bulb is best suited for when you need the brightest light, like in painting and drawing rooms.
It’s important to keep all of these factors in mind when choosing the right circline CFL. Especially keep in mind manufacture-specifics, and be sure to read the description on either the bulb or the fixture before making a decision.

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  1. Julie says:

    I would like to know where I can purchase / order a double circular florescent bulb TCP 32040 – 40 Watt – 2850K.

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