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Tackle Water Demand with Water Saving Devices

The average family is wasting nearly 200 gallons of water every week through leaks, water you never even know is leaving.

Currently, 40 out of the 50 states in the US are expecting statewide water shortages within the next decade. Needless to say, we’re looking at a water crisis. To put this on a more personal scale, the average family is spending more than $1,000 annually on water bills. This doesn’t even include the amount being spent on water heating, or energy used to run appliances like the dishwasher or laundry machine. The simplest way to reduce this usage (and associated costs), is by installing items found in a water conservation kit


Water saving devices help save, at the very least, 20 percent more water in a home. Additionally, they tend to perform better than their non-efficient counterparts. For example, the eco showerhead in a water conservation kit uses only 1.5 gallons of water per minute. At the same time, it comes with 9 different spray options, and is self-cleaning. Replacing the showerhead can save enough water to amount to 88 loads of laundry. 


The faucet is one place in the house where usage and waste are unfortunately easy to overlook. Leaving the faucet running for just 5 minutes can result in enough energy wasted to power a 60-watt light bulb. This waste also leads to 10 gallons of water literally gone down the drain. Installing faucet aerators drastically cuts down on this kind of waste to the tune of $250 over the lifetime of the aerator.


The toilet happens to be one of the largest consumers of water in the entire home. A water conservation kit contains a few items to help combat this. Toilet Tank Banks are great water saving devices. It is installed in the toilet tank to reduce the amount of water used per flush. It does this without interfering with the toilet’s mechanics, and it prevents odors.

Without even realizing it, the average family is wasting nearly 200 gallons of water every week through leaks, water you never even know is leaving. This equals over 9,000 gallons yearly, enough water for 300 loads of laundry! The first step to solving this problem is discovering it. The toilet leak tablets that come in the water kit do just that. They change the color of the water if a leak is present. Another great tool for combatting toilet water waste is the tank bank.

Saving water at home doesn’t have to mean a complete shift in your lifestyle. A water conservation kit comes with a variety of everyday products that are not only simple to install, but can save thousands of gallons and dollars over their lifetimes.

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Outdoor Water Conservation Tips

This time of year, homeowners usually start to see their water bills increase as they tend to their spring plantings. However, by working with current rainfall levels and implementing water saving devices, homeowners will see immediate savings on their water bills.hose timer

The rain gauge and soil moisture meter monitor rainfall and absorption rates so that you don’t over water your plants. The rain gauge simply measures rainfall  and the soil moisture meter shows you how much of the moisture is retained in the soil. Using these tools together prevents over watering of plants to promote healthy gardens and lawns and eliminate water waste.

Once you have determined that your plantings need water, these two devices will help you deliver water in the most efficient way possible. The Water Miser 7-Position Spray Nozzle has seven precision spray patters: mist, soaker, shower, jet, cone, flat and center so that you are not applying more water than you need in any given situation.

The hose timer works just like an egg timer. You just twist the dial to the desired watering duration from 15 minutes up to 120 minutes and the timer will turn itself off. The mechanical operation requires no batteries and makes this one of the easiest and quickest timers to use. It has a large dial with both timed watering and manual watering options.

Whether you use a spray nozzle or hose timer, the best time to water is in early morning or early evening to avoid evaporation.

For a small investment in these outdoor water conservation devices, you can decrease your water bill and save thousand of gallons of water per year.