Simple Ways to Weatherize: Use Window Air Conditioner Covers to Stop Air Leakage

Window Air Conditioner Covers
Window Air Conditioner Cover

Indoor air conditioners provide great relief from the hot air that summer brings. However, during the colder months of the year an indoor air conditioner becomes a source for drafts. When drafts come into a home, energy is lost, resulting in an increase in energy bills. Instead of ripping the unit out of the wall and covering that hole every winter, install window air conditioner covers over the AC unit. It is a simple way to insulate the air conditioner and increase the level of comfort in the home without increasing bills.

The covers come in three sizes to fit perfectly over the air conditioner that needs to be insulated. Before purchasing a window air conditioner cover, measure your air condidtioning unit to determine which size is necessary:

  • Small – 12” x 14” in height; 18” to 21” in width
  • Medium – 15” x 17” in height; 22” to 25” in width
  • Large – 18” x 20” in height; 26” tp 28” in width

A window air conditioner cover is made of a washable fabric, and comes with an adhesive seal and an insulating waterproof fiber sheet, which is placed on the inside of the fabric. The waterproof sheet protects the seal from extreme weather and keeps the air waterproof. With these tools, the cover fits perfectly over the unit that is being insulated to prevent any drafts from coming into the home through this source.

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