Sealing Gaps with Exterior Door Weatherstripping

Exterior Door Weatherstripping
Exterior Door Weatherstripping

Call them cracks, gaps, leaks or however you want to see it, but any opening that allows air through the door adds stress to your energy bill. Prevent air leaks by sealing gaps with exterior door weatherstripping. You’ll gain control over the energy usage in your home while trimming the energy expenses off your utility bill.

Do you need weatherstripping?
It doesn’t matter if the crack, gap, or hole is micro-sized or big enough to slip a few magazines through; any air leak takes the comfort out of your home and costs you extra in heating and cooling expenses.

Test for air leaks
If the sunshine outside is spilling into your home through a closed door, you have an air leak situation. Another way you can tell is if rain always finds its way inside your home through doors even when the door is closed. Easily combat this issue by installing exterior door weatherstripping.

Q-lon weatherstripping
Q-lon is an type of weatherstripping that is installed on the top and sides of doors. It is backed with aluminum (metal/steel), vinyl (PVC), or wood and made of polyethylene-clad urethane foam. Available in white and brown colors, q-lon is specifically made to fit different door types:

  • Aluminum – Made for metal doors
  • Wood – Made for wooden doors
  • Vinyl – This type can be used on most home doors

This type of weatherstripping seals up to 1/2″ gaps on standard doors and can be cut to fit smaller doors.

Reasons to seal
Energy Usage/Money Waste
On average, exterior doors are responsible for roughly 11 percent of all energy loss in the home. You close the door hoping to keep out the heat or cold, but all of that air still gets in. This:

  • Causes inconsistent temperatures in the home
  • Raises your energy bill. Every increase/decrease in degree that you turn up/down the AC or heater causes you money.

Block Unwanted Guests
Well, sealing only keeps out the type of guests that can squeeze through a closed door. Bugs and other critters are always on the hunt for ways to enter your home. Installing exterior door weatherstripping leaves one or two less ways for them to invade your home.

Sealing door exteriors is a simple solution to a costly and energy-stealing problem.

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