How to Weatherproof Your Electrical Outlets

elecoutletThere are many places where energy may be escaping the home: the basement, attic, and garage to name a few. Electrical outlets and wall switches are sources for air leaks that are very often overlooked, meanwhile accounting for 2 to 5 percent of home energy loss. Electrical outlet insulation comes in either a foam gasket or an outlet cover with a foam gasket installed.

Foam gaskets insulate outlets by blocking the unwanted exchange of air coming in and out of the home through this source. To install, remove the wall plate, and place the foam gasket behind the plate of the electrical outlet or wall switch that needs to be insulated. If you choose to insulate outlets this way and would like to fit the gaskets into decora-style plates, the foam can easily be reshaped for this purpose.

elecoutletThe other type of electrical outlet insulation is the wall plate that comes with the foam already installed. Simply remove the current outlet or switch cover, and in its place, install the cover with the foam gaskets behind it. Insulated switch plates are available for a variety of applications, such as single and multi-switch plates as well as cable and phone jacks.

Electrical outlet insulation is good for not only your home, but pockets too. Once sealed, you no longer have to worry about the unwanted exchange of air from this source and the effect it has on energy bills. Each foam gasket costs as little as 10 cents, and the plate covers cost less than a meal at your favorite fast food place. Also, they could not be easier to  install. If you can turn a screwdriver, you can insulate the outlets in your home.

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