A Kitchen Faucet Aerator Provides a Simple Way to Reduce Utility Bills

What tasks do you complete at the kitchen faucet? When you do these tasks, do you ever think about how much water is being used?

Kitchen Faucet Aerator
Kitchen Faucet Aerator

The amount of water used at the typical kitchen faucet is the same as the amount coming from a typical shower head, which is a sure way to end up wasting water. Installing a water-efficient kitchen faucet aerator is a small, yet effective way to reduce utility bills.

The average kitchen faucet uses 3-7 gallons of water per minute. Running for 30 minutes per day, this can be 630-1470 gallons every week. A low flow kitchen faucet aerator uses as little as 1.5 gallons of water every minute; 315 gallons of water every week for completing the same tasks.

If you use more hot water than cold at the kitchen faucet, reducing the amount of water used there will also reduce the amount of energy used as well. The water heated at the faucet is done so by the energy consumed by the water heater. Using a water-friendly kitchen faucet aerator can help you reduce both water and energy bills at the same time.

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