How to take Shorter Showers?

I mean to take shorter showers. I know how much water is getting wasted each minute as I stand there in the shower savoring the moments of bliss away from chores, screaming children etc. And fortunately I have a low flow showerhead that only consumes 1.75 gallons per minute. But still, if I’m lost in my thoughts in the shower for 10 minutes, that’s 17.5 gallons of precious H20 down the drain, literally. Can you imagine if I had a showerhead that was using 4 gallons per minute of water? That would be 40 gallons of water, probably twice what the average citizen around the world consumes in total in a day! Another reason to use low flow showerheads!

But back to the original dilemma, how do I take shorter showers because I really enjoy them and I kind of get lost in the moment. I recently found the answer: Shower Timers! There are shower timers in the market that will alert you when your time is up – that’s typically 5 minutes. Take for example Showertime Shower Timer, before you start your shower, press a button. When you’re at 4 minutes and 30 second, a red light starts flashing for the remaining 30 seconds- reminding you to ‘wrap up’. That’s a great way to keep showers short and sweet. Honestly, you’re not going to get any cleaner if you’re showering for 10 minutes versus 5 minutes. Savor the 5 minutes and come out of the shower guilt free!

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