Energy Efficient MR16 lamps

MR16 lamps are commonly found in track, rail and pendant fixtures in retail, exhibit and display areas where directional light is desirable. A MR16 lamp has a halogen filament. One of the disadvantages of being halogen based is the danger of the filament glass breaking. Another is the high temperatures that the lamps reach, and therefore they generate a lot of heat. The third disadvantage is that MR16 lamps are not as energy efficient as fluorescent lamps.

So what are your options if you are looking for an energy efficient bulb to go with your MR16 fixture? You can now get MR16 compact lamps with energy efficient LED bulbs. The Philips Color Kinetics eW MR16 is one such example of an LED MR16 lamp. It only consumes 5W of energy and lasts much longer than a halogen MR16 lamp.

So if it’s time to replace an existing MR16 lamp or you are looking for a new MR16 fixture, do the environment a favor and check out an energy efficient LED based MR16 lamp.

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