How to Know You Are Using Water Efficiently

Saving Water with WaterSense
Saving Water with WaterSense

Over the past couple of years, Americans have strived to become more water efficient. But how do we know the products we are using are conserving natural resources, reducing water consumption, and saving us money?

This question was a difficult one to answer, until the creation of the WaterSense label!

The WaterSense label makes it simple for consumers to be able to find and use water efficient products. WaterSense is sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In order for a product to become WaterSense, companies must sign partnership agreements.

Why use WaterSense labeled products?

  • Product’s performance is equal to or better than less efficient products
  • At least 20% more water efficient ( conserving water means conserving energy which reduces carbon pollution)
  • Provides measureable results( watch your water bill shrink! )
  • Can save up to 700 gallons of water per year
  • Display water savings on a national level ( 487 billion gallons of water saved since 2006!)

We feel that it is our mission to help YOU choose the best low flow showerheads and aerators to not only save money, BUT be a part of the larger picture—conserve water while helping the environment.

So if you like saving money (and who doesn’t?), start by looking for products that have the WaterSense stamp of approval.

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