You Spoke and We Listened: Energy Star Labeled Products

Energy Star Certified
Energy Star Certified

We always enjoy receiving feedback about our site and how we are doing from our customers.
I am happy to announce that we are adding a search tab for Energy Star Certified products. This will make it easy for all of you who are only interested in Energy Star products.

We have currently updated:
• LED PAR 20 Bulbs
• LED PAR 30 Bulbs
• LED A19 Bulbs

Within the next month- our goal is to have this process complete and you will be able to search all products that are Energy Star with ease.

To some of you, you may not know a lot about what an Energy Star certified product means. Energy Star is a voluntary labeling program that was created in 1992 by the U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA). Its creation was to help identify and promote energy efficient products. Energy Star began with computers and monitors— now energy star is partnered with over 18,000 private and public sector organizations ranging from products in major appliances to lighting to home electric.

By now you are probably thinking, okay, so what are the major perks of purchasing an Energy Star vs Non?

By purchasing an Energy Star Certified product, you may qualify for rebates, sales tax exemptions, and recycling incentives. So not only will you be saving money in your monthly energy bills, but you may also qualify for additional money back by purchasing an Energy Star product.

To view what type of perks you may qualify for visit: Energy Star Rebate Locator

Start conserving more today and maybe even get a rebate for doing it…. check out our new feature for Energy Star search on our website today!

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