Foam Door Sweeps for Exterior Doors Make Insulating Simple

door sweeps for exterior doorsSome consider insulating to be difficult work, a task to be left for the pros. Others consider insulating to be an option available only to homeowners, not renters. These both couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are many simple solutions to drafts in the home. One of the easiest places to insulate is the door. The door lets air into the home and sucks air out whether it is left wide open, or locked tightly. Door foam sweeps for exterior doors help eliminate this problem with little effort on your part.

Sometimes referred to as a door draft seal, this type of insulation can be installed in three simple steps, and stays in place, gliding with the door:

  1. With a pair of scissors, cut the foam tubes to the desired length
  2. Place each foam tube into a fabric sleeve
  3. Slide the insulator under the door

There are many benefits to this form of door insulation. Once this has been installed, there will be a reduction in the amount of unwanted air exchanges that occur through the doors, leading to a reduction in energy costs. In addition to being simple to install, it can be removed easily by sliding it from beneath the door, and is machine washable. The door draft seal can be installed over linoleum, wood, carpet, or tile. For all of these reasons, foam door sweeps for exterior doors are ideal for any homes that need insulation at the door.


5 thoughts on “Foam Door Sweeps for Exterior Doors Make Insulating Simple

  1. Conservation Mart says:

    Hi Larry. You can buy foam door sweeps here:
    They cost $7.99 each.

  2. Michael says:

    I assume the foam does not inhibit the opening and closing of outside doors? Does it slide under without removing the door?

  3. Conservation Mart says:

    Hi Michael! That’s right. They don’t effect the opening or closing of doors, and they do slide right under without having to remove the door.

  4. Eileen Bengston says:

    how are they attached to the door so that they don’t fall off?


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