What is DLC Approval and is it Important?

LED Light Fixture
LED Light Fixture

If you have ever shopped for energy efficient light bulbs, you have heard a term called ‘Energy Star Approved’. You probably know this is important for two reasons: first because it’s certified as being energy efficient by the EPA. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly for your wallet, it qualifies for utility rebates. There is similar approval that is given for energy efficient fixtures that allows them to qualify for utility rebates and incentives: it’s called DLC Approval. Design Light Consortium (DLC) is the non- profit institution that approves the fixtures for its stamp provided it meets certain energy efficiency requirements.

If you’re shopping for an LED light fixture, say an LED Wall Pack, pay attention to whether it is DLC qualified because depending on your utility, it may help fund a significant portion of your energy efficient lighting fixture purchase. And of course, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing a fixture that met the strict guidelines for being classified as Energy Efficient.

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  1. Conservation Mart says:

    Hi there! Vist https://www.designlights.org to get information on registering your product for DLC approval.

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