Weatherizing with White Vinyl Tape

White Vinyl Tape
White Vinyl Tape

A variety of tapes are used when attempting to weatherproof the home. Duct and foil tapes, for example, are commonly utilized for sealing leaky ductwork. The Venture Tape 460, also referred to as white vinyl tape, is a weatherization tape commonly used as seaming for vinyl faced fiberglass insulation and insulation blankets for water heaters. This sort of tape is produced to withstand extreme temperature conditions, such as high heat, as well as humidity. As a result, it is incredibly durable and is able to be used in a variety of conditions.

Each roll of white vinyl tape is 3-inches wide and 150-feet long. The durability of this sort of tape is not only limited to the type of weather conditions it can tolerate, but also in the strength of it. In addition, it is plasticizer and shrink resistant. The backing of the white vinyl tape is simple peel and stick, bonding securely.  It can be easily applied not only to fiberglass insulation and water heater blankets, but used for patching up tears in insulation as well.

White vinyl tape is a strong and solid tape. This tape has many benefits and can be used on many types of insulation. It helps keep insulation securely in place, and once applied, it can stand temperatures just as well as the insulation that it is being used on.

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