Use Less Energy with a Water Heater Insulation Jacket

When you consider saving energy, how often do you also factor in the connection between energy consumption and water consumption? If you have never thought about this, then perhaps you were also unaware that 90 percent of the energy consumed by the washing machine goes towards heating water. With a number like this, it is not difficult to see how electric water heaters account for approximately one quarter of the electric bills. A water heater cover, such as the one manufactured by Frost King, is a quick solution to this energy consuming problem.

Water Heater Cover
Water Heater Cover

Water heaters are typically stored in poorly insulated rooms such as garages and basements, or may feel warm upon inspection. In these circumstances, heat is escaping from it. This causes the heating element to turn on occasionally to reheat water even when hot water is not being used, expending more energy. Using a water heater insulation jacket to cover the tank adds a layer of insulation, reducing the standby losses by as much as 45%. Look over the water heater for warnings of the use of a water heater cover, and what measures to take if one can be used.

A water heater insulation jacket is affordable, and can cut the cost of heating by 4-9%. The insulated sleeve pictured above is to be used with water heaters with capabilities of as much as 60 gallons. The R-Value of the Frost King Water Heater Cover is 10.0, and is produced using fiberglass insulation. A hot water heater cover can cut heat loss by as much as 25%, cutting your energy bill in the process as well.

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