Telephone Controlled Thermostats for Vacation Homes

Say you have a vacation home or rental, and would like to control the temperature just before the arrival of yourself, family or guests. How is this possible? Call a neighbor and ask them to increase the temperature for your winter lodge so that it’s nice and comfortable for your arrival? Or say you’re renting our your beach condo for a week. Let your guests sweat it out for a few hours till it cools down, is that an option?

You could just leave the heat or air on at the desired temperature the whole time, but that would be very expensive not to mention environmentally irresponsible. So what’s the solution: Telephone Thermostat Controller. This innovative device will allow you to control the heat remotely through a touch tone phone. The controller works with existing phone lines and will even will work with answering machines.

So stay comfortable and do the environmentally responsible thing by hooking up a compatible programmable thermostat with a telephone controller.

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