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Stay Safe at Night with LED Night Lights

Whether you have young kids who get up at night, a pet who needs to be let out, or frequent trips to the bathroom, there is a chance that at least someone in your household is walking the hallways at night. An LED night light can prevent waking up others in the household and more importantly, prevent a fall down the stairs.

The advantage of using an LED night light as opposed to an incandescent  one is that the LED bulb consumes 90% less energy than incandescent night lights, and it could be years before you would have to replace the bulb.

This LED Night-Light with Photocell technology¬† will automatically turn the light on at dusk, and off at dawn. This is a fantastic feature because then you don’t have to remember to switch the night light on and off since it is automatic.

As you can see by the review below, it is a top rated product and at only $2.40 it is a tremendous value.

Your family and guests will appreciate the extra illumination of your hallways and bathrooms without disrupting their sleep.