Insulating Outside with Pur Black Foam

Pur Black Foam
Pur Black Foam

There are a number of cracks and gaps located inside the home that let the air from outside come in. This leads to extreme energy loss, which in turn results in higher energy bills. Just as important as sealing air from the inside is applying insulation outside. Pur Black Foam is applied on the outside of the home where necessary to prevent air from leaking out and raising energy costs.

Pur Black Foam is a low expansion, closed cell foam ideal for sealing problematic areas outdoors. The black color it has allows it to blend well in outdoor settings. It is commonly used around doors and windows, in basements, and in attics to seal cracks and gaps. Pur Black Foam comes in a canister that should be attached to a foam gun for application. The exact foam gun necessary depends on the area being insulated. For larger areas, a foam gun with a larger opening for application would be best, whereas for sealing smaller areas a foam gun with a smaller opening would be ideal. Each can produces enough foam to cover 1,200 linear feet at 1/2” bead. Within 10 minutes it is tack-free, and within 30 minutes it can trimmed.

Studies show that the average homeowner spends as much as $3,400 in the span of 5 years on energy that is wasted as a result of air leaks. Reducing the amount of air leaks that occur in the home significantly reduces the amount of money spent on them every year. Also, sealing these leaks allows you to control the way the home feels, as you will have less of a battle to fight with outdoor temperatures. Pur Black Foam allows you to eliminate air leaks from the outside, gain control over home temperatures, and save money on energy bills all at the same time.

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