How to Select a Ventilation Fan

When selecting a fan, the purpose — that is, central or intermittent ventilation — should be your foremost decision-making criteria:

  • Continuous, central ventilation system, such as the Panasonic 2-Speed WhisperCeiling Exhaust Fan FV-11VQD2, are used to to continuously replace stale air with fresh, clean air in the whole house quietly and energy-efficiently. In the summer, in fact, circulating air can keep your house feeling 4 degrees cooler.
  • Intermittent ventilation fans, such as the Panasonic WhisperFit-Lite Exhaust Fan, are used in certain areas like the bathroom, kitchen, or garage to quickly exhaust moisture and chemicals. In fact, if you live in an “airtight” home, the Panasonic “bathroom” (intermittent) fans are quiet and energy efficient-enough to continuously ventilate your entire home.

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