How and Where to Use Black Foam

Black Foam
Black Foam

Need an outside solution to poor insulation? If you’re a fan of DIY projects that take less time, require less energy, and cost less money than your weekly commute, consider black foam – an easily installed, quick and efficient sealant.

How to use Black Foam
A foam applicator gun is required to apply this foam. Can sizes vary, but you can typically expect a 750 ml canister to provide enough foam to insulate 2,820 cubic inches (or 1,200 linear feet) when dispensed at 1/2″ bead. Within 10 minutes it’s tack free and ready for trimming in 30 minutes.

Where to use it
As a closed cell, low expansion, rigid foam, it’s most often used to seal cracks and other small openings from home exteriors. Black foam is generally considered an outdoors sealant because:

  • Its black color makes it easily disguisable outdoors
  • It never gets dirty (a quality many prefer indoors as well)
  • It can stop gas, insects, pests, smoke, water and much more from entering your home

Though this type of foam is usually used outdoors, it can be used in attics, basements, and to seal up doors and windows.

Among the many reasons to use black foam, it:

  • Can be purchased for under $20 per unit
  • Can be painted and sanded to match surroundings (painting can actually extend its life)
  • Resists solvents and water
  • Puts up a good fight against getting hard over time

The biggest advantage of using this type of foam is that it properly insulates your home, and that allows you to save money on energy costs while creating a comfortable environment in your home.


You’re getting a high quality product for less than you spend on coffee in a week with this foam; it isn’t just a simple DIY product. Many professionals such as contractors, roofers, and even pest and wildlife control specialists use it to create a properly insulated environment along with stopping bugs and rodents from becoming unwelcome guests.

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