Historic Earth Day

We have seen many changes since opening our doors in 2008. We went from people just beginning to hear about climate change and the many questions that followed: Do humans play a role in climate change? Is there was anything we could do to change it, and if so would it hurt the economy?

Eight years later, 155 nations plan to sign the Paris climate agreement this Friday on Earth Day. A record number of nations are pledging to take steps to reduce global warming pollutants.

Not only that, according to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) preliminary analysis of 2015 data, for the second year in a row, the amount of carbon emitted from the world’s power sector stayed level at 32.1 billion tons and renewables “accounted for roughly 90 percent of new electricity generation in 2015,” with wind alone producing more than half of that new power.

At the same time, the global economy grew more than 3 percent. The IEA declared that the “decoupling of global emissions and economic growth” has been officially “confirmed.”

Conservation measures will always be a significant part of the overall plan to curb emissions. With our wide selection energy pyrmaidof Energy Star, DLC listed, and Water Sense products, Conservation Mart is proud to provide the latest in energy and water efficiency technologies to homeowners, businesses, contractors, utilities, weatherization agencies, and state and local governments. We are grateful to our many customers for taking the steps to be a part of the climate solution and also realizing savings for themselves in the process.  We are honored to play a role in the shift towards a clean, green, and sustainable future! Happy Earth Day!

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