Exorcise Phantom Loads and Energy Vampires with Smart Strips

energy vampire 2Three pounds of carbon emissions are emitted from the average two-person household on a daily basis for appliances that are turned off! This is called a phantom load.

Appliances such as your TV, DVD player, and others that are thought to be turned off are actually only in standby mode, and use energy from the equivalent of 12 power plants and cost a billion dollars annually. TVs, computers, game consoles, and phones appear to be the largest energy vampires.

With Smart Strip Power Strips, the outlets work together, auto-switching your devices on and off automatically, saving you money on your electric bills. Three of the outlets always have power, allowing you to plug-in devices that should never turn off (one of those is transformer-spaced). Of the other seven, one of the outlets is the main outlet, and the other six of the outlets are “controlled” (three are transformer-spaced). Those six controlled outlets will automatically turn off whenever a 10%+ drop in current to the main outlet is detected, and automatically turn on when an increase of 7 watts or more in power to the main outlet is sensed. In other words, plug your computer into the main outlet, and its peripherals into any of the other six. When you shut down your computer, all of the peripherals will also turn off. When you turn on your computer, the peripherals will all turn on.

By using a Smart Strip at your work and entertainment centers, you will notice a significant savings on your energy bills, effectively banishing the energy vampires for good.


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