Bubble vs. Needle Spray Aerators

In deciding the right low flow aerator, you have a choice in the water flow stream. You can select between a bubble or aerated stream and a Needle spray. Both restrict water flow, but the nature of the water stream is different.

Bubble Spray vs. Needle Spray
Bubble Stream                                            Needle Stream


buy now buttonA low flow bubble faucet aerator restricts the water flow from the faucet. This type of aerator adds air to the water flow to enhance the water stream to give the sensation of a larger flow even though it’s dispensing less water. It is ideal for use in both bathroom and kitchens. A bubble faucet aerator typically has a cross mesh screen  to act as a flow restrictor and aerate the water.

Bubble Spray Aerator
Bubble Spray Aerator

buy now buttonA needle spray aerator produces a shower like pattern when dispensing water. Needle spray aerators are the only choice when you are selecting an ultra low flow faucet aerator e.g. 0.5 gallons per minute (gpm) or lower. The technology is not available yet to produce an aerated/bubble stream for 0.5 gpm or lower flow. Needle spray aerators provide a good coverage of water when washing hands and so are often preferred in commercial applications. They have tiny holes around the base of the aerator through which the water is dispensed.

Needle Spray Aerator
Needle Spray Aerator

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Both type of aerators also come with pressure compensating features . This is an important features in a normal low flow aerator, the water flow is restricted at low pressures. So a pressure compensating aerator will compensate for the fluctuations in pressure to produce an even water flow.

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2 thoughts on “Bubble vs. Needle Spray Aerators

  1. Denise says:

    What is the size of the needle spray aerator? I need the male version, I need to slide it into a part.

  2. Conservation Mart says:

    The needle spray aerators that we specialize in are dual threaded (externally and internally threaded) with 15/16 x 27 threads on the outside and 55/64 x 27 threads on the inside.

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