Attic Insulation Cover: Covering your Attic and Wallet

In most homes, attic doors are not constructed to properly insulate the attic, and only deteriorate with age. As a result, a tremendous loss of cool air is experienced during the summer, and heat loss in the attic occurs during winter. In addition to upsetting the balance of the home’s temperature, poor insulation results in more money spent on energy for heating and cooling. Previously we discussed insulating the attic with spray foam insulation kits; however, if that is not an option, consider insulating your attic with an attic insulation cover.

Attic Tent
Attic Tent

Perhaps you have already installed fiberglass for attic insulation. Check to see if the fiberglass is dirty. If it is, that tells you it is simply filtering the air as it comes through, not sealing the attic door. The attic insulation cover, which is also referred to as an attic tent, creates an air-tight barrier between your attic and general living space to reduce the amount of air filtering out of the attic. In addition, having an attic door tent raises the air quality in a home, being that the flow of dust and other allergens is also greatly reduced. The attic tent has been proven to decrease the amount of air filtration by as much as 71%.

An attic door tent is an easily installed, cost effective tool for insulating the attic. Measure your attic door to choose which attic tent would be the best fit. Once you have the tent, staple the attic door tent to the surface. Then apply a small amount of silicone caulk around the seam to create the airtight seal, and you’re finished! The attic insulation cover will cost approximately $146-$232, depending on the size of the door. While the exact amount of money saved depends largely on your climate, the attic insulation cover should not only have paid for itself by year’s end, but save you at least $145 in energy costs every year after.

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