Using Wall Plate Covers to Track Room Temperatures and Humidity

Wall Plate Covers
Wall Plate Covers

It seems during months of extreme weather it can become quite difficult to get the home to be the perfect temperature, right? Experts suggest maintaining home temperatures of 67 during winter and 78 in summer (health permitting) to save the most energy and money on energy costs. However, sometimes temperatures can vary from room to room, leading to tampering with the thermostat and increased energy bills. Installing wall plate covers from Plate Pals with a temperature, or temperature and humidity level reading built in eliminates the guesswork, allowing for more control over the use of the thermostat.

Wall plate covers with temperature readings are installed over the light switch, or decora style switch, as a replacement for the existing cover. They measure 5.8-inches in height and 3.2-inches in width. On the face of the cover is a 5/8-inch digital display of the room’s temperature. Covers read temperatures between -20 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (-28 to 50 degrees Celcius). The accuracy is within 1 degree Fahrenheit. Plate Pals wall plate covers are battery-operated, requiring no residential energy to work, and no wiring to be troubled with.

In addition to reading temperatures, Plate Pals provides wall plate covers that read the relative humidity level in a room. Having an understanding of the RH level can be especially important in rooms such as the basement, bathrooms, or kitchen, where the humidity level tends to rise more often than in other areas of the home. Knowing how humid a room is can be beneficial to the health of individuals in the home, as control over humidity reduces the likelihood of molding, rotting, and condensation. All covers are available in either white or ivory color.

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