Trend: LED Vintage Edison Light Bulbs

LED Vintage Edison Light Bulb
LED Vintage Edison Light Bulb

The old-school Edison style light bulbs of the 20th century were evolutionary yet far from the different variations of light bulbs that have been developed today. The first models of light bulbs developed by Thomas Edison used carbon filaments and wasted a ton of energy and subsequently, a ton of money as well. Although it is rare that any of these initially developed models are used today, the perception of what some of the first light bulbs looked like has not been forgotten and has recently become the perfect way to give any space an antique finish.

Now, with new LED models of these old-school Edison bulbs, anyone can achieve a vintage look in their home or establishment while simultaneously saving energy. For example, an Edison style model from Bulbrite only uses 4 Watts of energy, which compares to a 40 Watt incandescent and has an average long life of 15,000 hours.

Homeowners everywhere are loving this trend and have found a number of different ways to display and use these light bulbs to an extra touch to their interior/exterior design. There are several different models of the Edison style bulbs, such as A19, Globe, Chandelier, and Torpedo, making them suitable for a variety of locations including outdoor lanterns, ceiling fixtures, pendants, and more. Vintage Edison light bulbs offer all-in-one satisfaction by combining style, energy conservation, and convenience.

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