The Smoke Pencil is a Non-Hazardous Way to Detect Leaks

Smoke Pencil
Smoke Pencil

Air is leaking into and out of a home throughout the day if the home is not properly insulated. Knowing where to apply insulation can become tricky of you aren’t sure where the most air leaks are occurring. While some drafts can be detected by placing a hand to the corner of a window or to the front of an electrical outlet plate, others are a bit more difficult to find. These problem areas are often responsible for a significant amount of energy waste as well as hundreds of wasted dollars in energy costs every year.  Using a smoke pencil to find these air leaks is a simple and safe way to start solving this problem.

Knowing where air leaks are occurring is the first step to reducing the effect air leaks have on energy consumption and costs. A smoke pencil is a battery-operated tool that is used to reveal these leaks. The smoke it creates reveals the movement of air in a specific area, and the quantity of smoke released can be controlled using the multi-function trigger on the tool. It is pocket-sized and can be locked, allowing for use in tight areas and easy storage.

At this point, you are probably wondering how a tool that creates smoke could possibly be safe to use. Typically, draft detectors use harmful chemicals or flammables in order to operate. The smoke pencil differs in that it uses a non-toxic fluid to create the smoke that reveals drafty areas. The fluid contains only water solution vapor, Glycerin, and a sweet smelling Glycol. This makes operating it much safer than would be with another smoke tool. In addition, it can be flown on a plane if you need to travel for a job, or shipped without problem.

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