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Transform Your Space with LED Lighting

library before and after
Before and After
Photography: Graham Haber

Gone are the days when energy efficient lighting conjured up the image of a greenish buzzing haze. Vast improvements over the years, including the recent accessibility of LED options, have allowed people and companies to affordably transform their space.

Kugler Ning Lighting Design is a top, award-winning, New York City architectural lighting design firm. They won a number of awards at the NYC Illuminating Engineering Society 2015 Lumen Awards, including an Award of Merit for their lighting redesign of McKim, Mead & White Library.

New lighting was installed throughout the building, including LED tubes which replaced fluorescent tubes and dimmable LED bulbs  were installed in lamps.

While Conservation Mart was not involved in this library renovation, we carry many LED troffers which can transform your living and working environments.

When choosing the right bulbs for your needs, you will want to consider the following five factors: wattage, lumens, base, color temperature, and maximum overall length (MOL). For a more detailed description of these attributes, please visit our informational web page on this topic.