Polyurethane Spray Foam For DIYers

polyurethane spray foam
Polyurethane Spray Foam

Fixing drafty attics floors, basement walls, and other oddly opened areas has never been easier.

What’s in a Spray Foam Kit?

Spray foam kits for DIY projects generally consist of foam, instructions, a hose, and a spray gun. Conservation Mart offers an excellent spray foam kit in the 2 Part Polyurethane Foam Kit 600.

Spray Foam Kit Specifications

* Spray foam has an R value that ranges anywhere between 6.2 and 7.12 per inch.
* There are different sizes and different types of polyurethane spray foam kits available.
o You can choose a standard or a standard and fire-retardant kit (considering my skills with DIY projects, I’d opt for the flame proof set).
o Spray foam can be bought in an open cell or closed cell form (we learned in a previous post what the difference between the two is).

Common Places for Spray Foam

The following areas are common areas for spray foam touch-up:

* Air Ducts
* Attic Floors
* Basement Walls
* Crawl Areas
* Roofs

Benefits of Spray Foam Kits for DIY Projects

Using polyurethane spray foam kits for DIY projects are beneficial, allowing you to insulate your home:

* In an environmentally friendly way
* Inexpensively (when weighed against your long-term savings on energy costs)
* Independently (it is always beneficial to learn how to properly care for your home)
* With products that efficiently insulate your home (namely, the only foam capable of air sealing, the closed cell polyurethane high density foam)

What was your experience with installing polyurethane spray foam? How has using spray foam kits transformed your home? Leave your comments below!


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    Actualy i just want to know that, Which paint sprayers better for me?
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