Saying Goodbye to the Fireplace Draft with the help of a Chimney Balloon

For many, ushering in winter is financially stressful because of the increase in the energy bill, as the thermostat is being constantly manipulated to maintain a comfortable temperature during the colder months. When weatherproofing, people often tend to windows, doors, and rooms like the attic. While Jolly Old St. Nick is sneaking in (and eating your baked goods), heat is climbing right out. A chimney balloon will help you get rid of that annoying fireplace draft while also preventing debris from coming in.

Chimney Balloons
Chimney Balloons

The chimney balloon is made using 3 ply poly plastic that stops the air infiltration/exfiltration by way of the chimney. You may be wondering exactly how you are supposed to successfully stuff a balloon up a chimney. Well, you don’t. The balloon should only be inflated once it has been placed in the chimney. Chimney balloons should be removed before a fire is started up. This can be accomplished by simply opening the tap on the balloon. A bright red card that is attached to the inflation valve will be visible, reminding you that the chimney balloon is still in place. A chimney balloon comes in many sizes, so it is best to measure your chimney and acquire a balloon that is about 6 inches larger.

During the colder months of the year, a fireplace draft not only prevents you from making the most use of your fireplace, but it causes energy loss as well. Chimney balloons minimize these drafts by essentially blocking the opening for outdoor air to enter the home. Controlling when and where air leaves and enters allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home, lessening the burden on your residential energy supply.

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