Safety and Saving with LED Exit Signs

LED Exit Signs
LED Exit Signs

Over the years, the use and knowledge of LED lighting has expanded beyond energy enthusiasts and met the masses, but there are one or two areas where the use of energy efficient lighting is overlooked. Exit signs, a standard safety device used in every commercial building, are prime for switching to the LED world. LED exit signs are not only energy efficient, but you’ll begin to reap the financial benefits of them within the first year.

LED vs Incandescent and Fluorescent Lighting: Who says safety and savings don’t mix?

The obvious savings from LED exit lights are in the energy department. According to the North Carolina Department of Commerce, the average energy costs of LEDs is only $2 per year, compared to $39 and $11 for incandescent and fluorescent signs. Simple put, using LEDs saves between 78-95% in exit sign energy usage.

This is what you’re after: how much money will this lighting change cost/save me?

The cost of LED exit signs varies, but on average you can expect to spend anywhere from $13-$100 or more. Pricing depends on the features of the LED exit lights. Some lights come with backup batteries, extra lighting details, special frames/casting, and more.

Do you know how long your exit sign will last? If you’re using the energy-stealing incandescent or fluorescent sign, you can expect your lighting to phase out after 6-12 months. The LED equivalent (which isn’t really an equal by any stretch) will last for at least 10 years and net over $500 in savings!

Fluorescent exit signs contain toxic mercury, making them unsafe for use. By comparison, LED lights do not have any toxic mercury

Investing in LED exit signs won’t only add some relief to your energy bill, but you’ll also reap the added benefit of having safer lights because LEDs are free of toxic mercury. So again I ask: who says safety and savings don’t mix?

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