Recycling is Good but Reusing is Even Better!

Recycling materials for further use is wonderful. However it still requires energy to transport the original materials to a sorting facility and then more energy to process it. And yet more energy to distribute it in it’s new re-purposed form.

Instead, wouldn’t it better if we reused the original items to extend it life? A perfect example is cardboard packaging. In this country, we recycle thousands of tons of cardboard boxes each day. That’s all well and good, but what if we got multiple reuses out of those boxes for further shipments. That would be the most efficient utilization of resources. That’s how we feel at Conservation Mart. Which is why when you receive a package from us, it will most likely not be a brand new cardboard box. Most likely, it’ll be a box that has nothing to do with our industry. We’re giving a salvaged box another life and it lowers shipping costs which we pass onto our customers. What’s there not to like about that?

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