Polyurethane Foam Machines

Polyurethane foams provide insulation in homes throughout the year. This foam is sprayed throughout the home onto ceilings, walls, and floors in an attempt to provide protection from the fierce heat of the summer as well as the biting cold of the winter. When properly installed, the insulation results in a comfortable living space and lower energy bills. Polyurethane foam machines

Polyurethane Foam Machine
Polyurethane Foam Machine

use gun/hose formations along with air compressors to distribute high expansion foam resulting in more consistency and a better flow.

Among the most efficient polyurethane foam machines is the CPDS (Constant Pressure Dispensing System) 1000. This system allows the attachment of 120’of hose for better reach, total and even dispensing of foam (through the air compressor), and has a tank yield of 750 board feet. In addition, polyurethane foam machines, such as the CPDS 1000, conveniently have tanks and compressors items placed on wheels. This saves time as well as a few dollars that otherwise would have gone to the chiropractor in an attempt to correct the back problems that would likely result from all that lugging.

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