Philips LED Lamps: A Decorative Way to Save Energy

Energy-efficient bulbs have come a long way from the flickering lights which are far too reminiscent of scenes from a Hollywood horror film. Lighting that saves energy can be found in a variety of colors, shapes, and for a number of fixtures as well. Among the most decorative of energy-efficient lighting are the Philips LED candelabra bulbs. These energy saving lights beautify the room where they are placed as well as the amount due on your monthly energy bill.

Philips LED Lamps
Philips LED Lamps

Candelabra style Philips LED Lamps use almost 13 watts of energy less than the standard incandescent candle. Also, these Philips LED bulbs can last as long as 15,000 hours, not requiring a replacement as often as their incandescent counterparts. In addition to all of this, the Philips LED lamps for candles emit almost no UV/IR light in its beam, and contain no mercury. If you still cannot see the point in switching from incandescent to energy-efficient lighting, consider the fact that with the reduction in energy use will also come a reduction in the energy bill. Savings of approximately $375 every year have been reported with the use of these bulbs instead of incandescent lights.

Philips LED lamps for candle lighting are not only perfect for a dining room setting, but ideal for lighting designers, as they give off light in all directions.

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