Easy Ways to Practice Outdoor Water Conservation

Outdoor Water Conservation
Outdoor Water Conservation

Do your water bills tend to go up in the spring and summer seasons? During the hotter months of the year, water consumption from the average home in the United States nearly doubles. This is mainly due to the increase in water being used outdoors. There are many ways to keep your lawn beautiful, your plants healthy, and your car clean without wasting water. Practicing outdoor water conservation not only makes you feel good about helping the environment, but lowers water and sewer bills too.

Measuring water levels is a great way to save water outdoors. While it is important to provide water to plants, equally important is ensuring that they receive the right amount. Overwatering occurs when too much water is used, and is the most common cause of plant deaths. A soil moisture meter allows you to keep track of the water levels in the soil of your plants so you know when to provide them with water, and how much. Place the meter into the ground, and watch as it provides soil levels using an analog-style interface. Another outdoor water measuring instrument is a rain gauge. The cone end is placed into the ground to measure rainfall. Knowing how much rainfall has been received makes it easier to adjust the lawn sprinklers.

Take outdoor water conservation a step further by using a tool and a resource. A great conservation tool is a spray nozzle has 6 different settings so you can choose a suitable spray option. For example, the water pressure you might need to water the plants in a garden would be different from the amount of pressure necessary to wash a car. Using a conservation nozzle allows only a certain amount of water to be released while still providing ideal water pressure. A great resource for outdoor water conservation is a water conservation wheel. It is full of tips and ideas that will help you save water both outdoors and indoors.

As you can see, reducing water consumption outside is done by simply regulating water usage. Outdoor water conservation, especially during the warmer months of the year, leads to less money being spent on water and sewer bills. Having to spend less on bills during summer just might make the season a little more fun.

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