Dual Flush Toilet Converter: Save Water & Money

Dual Flush Toilet Converter
Dual Flush Converter

Reducing water consumption in the home is an important part of being green. Every day an average of 55 billion gallons of water are flushed through toilet systems. That’s 40% of water used in a household when 8 out of 10 trips to the bathroom do not even require a full flush. Imagine how much water you could save with a dual flush toilet converter (full/half flush system). Having a water saving device not only helps you save our green earth, but also allows you to save some of the green in your wallet.

The Perfect Flush is a water saving device that definitely lives up to its name. This dual flush toilet converter can reduce up to 50% the amount of toilet water used, allowing for up to $100 of water savings per year. While a dual flush toilet saves the same amount, it costs about $500-700. The Perfect flush water saving device will cost you $100. It takes only 30 minutes to install, and fits most pilot-style, tank toilet fixtures, and ball-cock-fill-valve systems. The full/half option allows water conservation for 20,000 flushes with each 4-AAA battery set. A dual flush toilet converter is simply a perfect fit for all those interested in saving water, and why just save water, when you can save money as well?


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