Daylight Bulbs: What Are They?

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) come in a variety of colors. The color of the light emitted, as discussed in a previous blog, depends on the temperature as is measured in units of Kelvins. The higher the temperature of the light, the bluer the light appears. CFLs range from temperatures below 3,000K to above 5,000K. The brightest compact fluorescent lights are at least 5000K. The manufacturers name these bulbs as they see fit based on the light a CFL emits. While some refer to these bulbs as “full spectrum”, they are more commonly called daylight bulbs.

Daylight Light Bulbs
Daylight Light Bulbs

The light that comes from daylight light bulbs has been compared to the light coming from the sun around noon. This bulb is used mainly for tasks, such as painting, reading, and photography, where a bright-colored bulb is needed. The blue-white light radiating from the daylight bulb only makes it appear brighter than the cool white and soft white CFLs, with the brightness of a bulb being measured in lumens. Like all color CFLs, daylight bulbs

are energy-efficient, and can replace an incandescent bulb.

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