Conservation in the Kitchen: Under Cabinet LED Lights

Under Cabinet LED
Under Cabinet LED

When you think of conservation in the kitchen, what comes to mind? Replacing the faucet aerators with a model that provides lower flow, or perhaps using that new EnergyStar-rated dishwasher with the really cool settings? These are great ways to promote conservation. However, water is not the only resource that can be saved in the kitchen. Replacing incandescent under cabinet lights with energy-efficient under cabinet LED lighting can be a great way to save energy while you cook, clean, or simply hang out in the kitchen.

There are many advantages to switching from incandescent lighting to energy-efficient lighting. The amount of energy consumed by an under cabinet LED is as little as 5.5 watts of energy, while its incandescent counterpart often uses as much as 20 watts. The LED lights do not require frequent replacement since they have a lifetime between 50,000 to 60,000 hours. In addition, the under cabinet LED does not emit infrared radiation or ultraviolet light, heat the surface it is lighting, or contain any mercury. The LEDs are manufactured for all of this without diminishing the quality of light being emitted.

Under cabinet lighting is a great way to decorate the kitchen or focus light onto kitchen surfaces.  Replacing incandescent lights with energy-efficient under cabinet LED bulbs allows you to illuminate the kitchen to your liking while saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. Once this happens, a reduction in the overall energy bill is likely to follow.

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